Drei Donà Tenuta La Palazza



A place out of time, here wine is a way of life, maturing and refining along with family passions: sports, literature, travel.

Each experience teaches a value that is reflected in the way of making wine, determination, attention to detail, taking ourselves not too seriously.

Self-referentiality, even in wine, produces sterility: one cannot make wine and talk only about wine while forgetting to nourish the soul.

At Tenuta La Palazza you end up chatting for hours, on the farmyard, while the vines ripen in the sun.

This is the story of a family that, like many, at some point decides to leave the city and embrace the beauty of country life. With the slow pace, the breathtaking sunsets, the bike rides to school. Plenty of time to be outdoors and with her beloved animals, dogs and horses.

Life at Tenuta La Palazza, flows slowly, now under the care of Claudio’s children, Enrico and Ida Vittoria, and his wife Giovanna, who has witnessed the history of the estate since its beginnings. 

Intimately linked to the family history, Tenuta la Palazza is not just a winery where wine is made or just a place of work, but it is the home of the Drei Donà family.

A country house with a large farmyard from which there is access to the belvedere and vineyards and where the family welcomes friends and visitors.

Tenuta la Palazza is a country house, without the pretences of a villa or a castle. A house that perfectly reflects the character and habits of the Drei Donà family.

Grown over the years around that watchtower that Caterina Sforza placed to defend her territories in 1483, it has an irregular, atypical structure. Those who have guarded it have gradually over the centuries added a part, reinforced a piece, embellished and refined a detail, each one has preserved its soul and made it live through the centuries.

Today it is a truly unique house of great personality and charm.


Samuel Johnson

In life, as in wine, “What is written without passion will be read without pleasure.”

At the Drei Donà estate, wine is mixed with everyone’s passions, dreams and values. It is part of the family, breathes its atmosphere and reflects it in its uniqueness and refinement.

The work at Tenuta La Palazza has always been marked by the universal value of respect.    Everyone’s character differences have always been a source of creative clash, opposing but complementary forces.  Passions, experimentation, the desire not to follow the rules, not to replicate, but to experiment, to invent and also to have fun doing it.

The Drei Donà are innovators by nature and winemakers by passion.


ENRICO: A determined character

A lover of life’s pleasures, Enrico has always enjoyed good food and wine, travel and sailing cruises. He began working alongside his father Claudio in his university days. In fact, he returned from a stint working in California and realized that his interest in wine could also become his profession. In the winery, he has a supervisory and strategic role; in the family they jokingly call him “The Artistic Director.”

An extraordinary connoisseur of history, including local history, he passionately promotes the Predappio area through the activities of the consortium. Among his desires is to see this subzone, and not just the family business, established for its uniqueness.


IDA Vittoria: Winning Passions

‘Horse’, not ‘mother’, was the first word uttered by Ida, who spent the first half of her life in the equestrian world and for the past several years is devoting herself to ‘making wine’.

Total dedication, rigor, and precision are the watchwords that have led her to win in every discipline she has tried her hand at: horseback riding, skiing, tennis, and dancing among others. She has been Italian Dressage champion several times, participated in European championships and reached qualification for the Olympics, unfortunately missed due to a horse injury.

This incredible school of life, this competitive soul, makes her an irreplaceable resource in the cellar today.

GIOVANNA VITTORIA: Values to be passed on

Donna Giovanna is the cornerstone of the winery, guardian of traditions and values, loves nature, the countryside, freedom and silence. With a degree in Literature and Philosophy, a great lover of literature, insights, diaries and novels, she is the unquestionable point of reference at Tenuta La Palazza. With innate elegance, she welcomes guests and entertains them. She loves to follow the slow rhythms and observe the cycles of nature, surrounded by her beloved Corgis who follow her everywhere.

DOGS & HORSES: Irreplaceable Companions

Coexisting in harmony at Tenuta la Palazza are a festive family of Corgi dogs – a great passion of the Drei Donàs – a beautiful Afghan greyhound and Ida’s horses.

The animals are the soul of this beautiful country house, perfectly embodying the joyful and simple atmosphere of Tenuta La Palazza. The horses, raised among the vines, have lent their names to the most prestigious wines, while the Corgi add that hint of happiness to life on the Estate.





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