Tenuta La Palazza, in Massa di Vecchiazzano, is a country residence surrounded by rolling hills of vineyards and with a breathtaking view from which the old town of Predappio and the city of Forlì can be seen and, on a clear day, the eye can wander as far as the Adriatic Sea.


A place out of time, here wine is a way of life, maturing and refining along with the family’s passions: sports, literature, travel.



We want to release the strength of our land and interpret it to the best of our ability.

So that it creates an absolute wine, an unequivocal wine, a unique wine.


When Claudio started in the early 1980s, the great school of wines was mainly French, and in Italy the most renowned producers had just begun to offer a new generation of great wines.

Since then, the winery has been following a philosophy inspired by the model of a Bordeaux chateau that involves absolute respect for the fruit, to enhance the soul of a soil and bring its essence to life.